DeVos Place has a underground parking ramp. It is on Michigan St across from the downtown US Post Office. You can park in that lot if you are Volunteering and ask the attendant the best price to pay,depending on estimated hours to park. If only for a couple of hours you might take a ticket and pay 1.50 per 1/2 hour, if longer it might be better to pay upfront for the day or event price which can range from $10-$12.

NOTE: If the DeVos Place ramp is full there is additional parking at Government Center across the street from DeVos Place on Monroe Ave. You would then cross Monroe Ave and enter DeVos Place at the atrium area by the box office and follow our other pictures.



When you enter the DeVos Place ramp, watch for parking areas D or E.  After you have gone straight in and see those letters you can head toward the left to get closer to the entrance.

Go straight back and you will see a sign directing you to Grand Gallery.

This is the entrance to get to the elevators. It says Grand Gallery entrance.


When you go in the glass doors after parking, take the elevators to Grand Gallery main floor.

The button in the elevator says “Street Level”.

When the elevators open, you will see this. Turn left to go to the atrium area.


Hallway to the Grand Gallery Atrium.

This is what you’ll see if you enter from Monroe by the

Security Office and turn right.

Head out to the main Grand Gallery Atrium.

To the left you will see the box office.


Go past the box office area and walk toward the

windows facing the Grand River to the West.

Go past the escalator to find the Volunteer room and Ballroom D.

The Volunteer Room is at the top of these gradual stairs to the left

by the wall hanging.  Ballroom D is to the right where you see the open doors.







This is the Volunteer Room where you

should come to sign in to volunteer.






Welcome to the Great Volunteers of NGS 2018
Volunteer Co-Coordinators , Sue Irvine and Maureen Nelson  and the host committee of the West Michigan Genealogical Society want the Volunteers to know that we appreciate all of you who are stepping up to volunteer. To thank you, there will be raffles held daily. These are a few of the prizes along with many gift cards to area restaurants with discounts on purchases. Make sure you register when you get to the volunteer room for your volunteer spot.
We will see you Monday if you are stuffing bags and coming for training! Others we will see Tues to Sat, but if you don’t get to Monday’s training then please come earlier to register and get your assignment.
Again, thank you for volunteering and we look forward to meeting you !!??
If you have any questions on your volunteer duties be sure to email on the volunteer sign up email.
Maureen & Sue
This set has 8 plates, the teapot and sugar and creamer.

Family wall hanging

Summer Jewelry

Men’s UP NORTH t-shirt

Women’s UP NORTH t-shirt