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Extended Biography Index History of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1891

The History of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Albert Baxter; New York and Grand Rapids: Munsell & Company, Publishers, 1891

Most of the 112 Extended Biographies in this book include a lithograph portrait of the individual. The index includes a page number for reference as they are found throughout the volume.

To obtain a copy of the Grand Rapids biography, send $5 for each name requested to:

WMGS Search Committee, Grand Rapids BIOGRAPHIES
c/o Grand Rapids Public Library
111 Library Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3268.

Make your check payable to: Western Michigan Genealogical Society.

Unless you indicate an email address, please include business sized SASE with a first class stamp with a request for 1 to 3 biographies. A business sized SASE with two first class stamps must be included with a request for 4 to 6 biographies. No staples please.

Most biographies include a lithograph portrait; a scan of the lithograph (computer file .tif or .jpg format) will be included at no additional fee. Many of the portraits include a facsimile of the person's signature. Most of the biographies are about a page in length and usually include information on the subject's parents and place of origin. Spouse and children are also usually listed. A few of the subjects have more than one page.

To be sure the biography is the person you are interested in, inquiries will be answered by sending an email to wmgs@wmgs.org. Please indicate Grand Rapids BIO in the subject of all messages.

This index is copyrighted by the Western Michigan Genealogical Society, a not-for-profit organization. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.


Adsit, Allen C.    750
Aldrich, Moses V.    392
Alger, Russell A.    589
Ball, John    112
Ball, Samuel B.    656
Ball, Sidney S.    564
Baldwin, Simeon L.    489
Baxter, Albert    266
Beckwith, William G.    591
Belknap, Charles E.    456
Benjamin, David M.    435
Berkey, William A.    468
Bissell, Melville R.    474
Bliss, D. Willard, M.D.    699
Blodgett, Delos A.    686
Boland, Joseph D.    373
Botsford, Alva H., M.D.    720
Briggs, Edward L.    511
Briggs, George G.    594
Butterfield, Roger W.    755
Campau, Louis    Portrait
Caullield, John    649
Champlin, John W., LL.D.    732
Comstock, Charles C.    478
Converse, James W.    421
Curtiss, John L.    397
Davis, Horace W.    539
Denison, William C.    460
Dunham, William    687
Durfee, Allen    412
Foster, Wilder D.    444
Fralick, Henry    680
Fox, Charles    432
Fox, E. Crofton    430
Friant, Thomas    429
Garlock, Alfred, M.D.    704
Gilbert, Thomas D.    679
Godfrey, Freeman    418
Godwin, G. Chase    749
Gray, George    745
Harrison, William    454
Hatheway, R. C.    648
Henderson, Charles L., M.D.    706
Holden, Ebenezer G.D.    737
Hollister, Harvey J.    675
Holmes, John T.    743
Houseman, Joseph    484
Houseman, Julius    682
Innes, William P.    586
Ives, Harry H.    662
Johnson, George K., M.D.    798
Kellogg, Orson C.    650
Kendall, George    681
Kendall, John    653
Killean, John    400
Lemoin, Henry    187
Lemon, Samuel B.    657
Long, James W.    508
Lyon, Morgan (Vergennes)    801
McCarty, Charles (Lowell)    803
McConnell, John    446
McCoy, Daniel    437
McVean, D. C. (Bowne)    802
Matheson, Alexander    490
Mathewson, Isaac B.    664
Matter, Elias    464
Meigs, Arthur    65i
Miller, James    739
Moerdike, Peter, D.D.    324
Morris, Robert W.    646
Nelson, Ezra T.    463
Norris, Lyman D.    752
O'Brien, Thomas J.    757
Peirce, Peter R. L.    384
Platt, Alonzo, M. D.    711
Post, Leander J. (Lowell)    799
Powers, William H.    44I
Powers, William T.    440
Proctor, William (Lowell)    799
Reed, Thomas E.    5I3
Reynolds; Herbert M.    502
Richmond, William A.    545
Richter, Rt. Rev. Henry J.    341
Sears, William    492
Shanahan, Maurice    476
Shelby, William R.    534
Skinner, Adolphus L.    391
Smiley, Mitchell J.    759
Smith, Henry S.    396
Smith, Israel C.    578
Smith, Reuben H.    650
Spring, Henry    654
Stebbins, Andrew J.    385
Steketee, Johni
Stocking, Billius    390
Strahan, 'John T.    768
Sullivan, Simon    666
Sweet, Martin L    675
Swensberg, Conrad G.    242
Thayer, George W.    379
Turner, Aaron B.    265
Uhl, Edwin F.    751
Walker, Charles I.    382
Waters, Elijah D.    593
Watson, Amasa B.    433
Weston, Isaac M.    397
White, George H.    419
White, T. Stewart    428
Winsor, Jacob W.    99
Winsor, Zenas G.    98
Withey, Solomon L.    747


  *Includes Kent County and the counties immediately surrounding; namely Ottawa, Muskegon, Newaygo, Montcalm, Ionia, Barry and Allegan Counties. There is some extension beyond these counties into other areas of the Western Lower Peninsula.

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