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History of Kent County, Michigan; 1918 (FISHER)

Grand Rapids and Kent County Michigan; Historical Account of their Progress From First Settlement to the Present Time, by Ernest B. Fisher, Editor; In Two Volumes; Chicago: Robert O. Law Company 1918

Index Vol. II
All Biographical Sketches in Volume II are arranged in alphabetical order.

To obtain a copy of the Kent County biography, send $5 for each name to KENT COUNTY BIOGRAPHIES, WMGS Search Committee, c/o Grand Rapids Public Library, 111 Library Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Make your check payable to: Western Michigan Genealogical Society.

Unless you indicate an email address, please include business sized SASE with a first class stamp with a request for 1 to 3 biographies. A business sized SASE with two first class stamps must be included with a request for 4 to 6 biographies. No staples please.

If the biography includes a photograph, a scan of the photograph (computer file .tif or .jpg format) will be included at no additional fee. Some of the persons listed have only a photograph and no biography and they are noted in the index as PHOTOGRAPH ONLY. Many of the photographs include a facsimile of the person's signature. Most of the biographies are about a page in length and usually include information on the subject's parents and place of origin. Spouse and children are also usually listed. A few of the subjects have more than one page. A few Grand Rapids businesses are profiled in this volume as well.

To be sure the biography is the person you are interested in, inquiries will be answered by sending an email to wmgs@wmgs.org. Please indicate Kent County BIO in the subject of all messages.

This index is copyrighted by the Western Michigan Genealogical Society, a not-for-profit organization. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.


Aldrich, Fred M.
Allen, Leroy D.
Allen, Noah P.
Althaus, Gottlieb
Amberg, Julius Houseman
Anderson, William C.
Anderson, William J.
Andrews, James H.
Apsey, Alvin
Apsey, Mrs. E. C. (Stone)
Arehart, John A.
Assaley, Rev. Philipous Abo
Avery, Norton Louis
Ayers, C. Arthur
Ayer, Malcom A.
Bailey, James Wesley
Ballard, J. C.
Bank, Rev. Henry
Barber, William O.
Barclay, Ayers & Bertsch Company
Barclay, Warren Y. (photograph)
Barnes, Harold M.
Bender, Charles H.
Benton, Reuben F.
Berry, Charles A.
Bertsch, Charles Harley
Bertsch, John (photograph)
Bickert, John W.
Bierce, Lee Hutchins
Bissell, Melville R.
Blake, Frank I.
Blake, William J.
Blanchard, Thomas J.
Blickley, Christian (photograph)
Blodgett, D. A. (photograph only)
Blodgett, John W.
Boise, Eugene, M.D. (photograph)
Boltwood, Hon. Lucius Manlius
Boulard, Lewis J.
Bowman, Elias Clemens
Boyce, Jonathan
Brandt, Adolph H.
Brayton, James P.
Bremer, Rudolph M.
Brewer, Nelson
Brink, Richard
Brogger, Frederick
Brooks, Charles E.
Brown, Alvah W. (photograph)
Brown, Orrin Edson
Brown, Rev. Robert W.
Buchanan, Claude Robinson
Burch, Asa Filer
Burg, Jenne
Burgess, Walter N.
Burleson, Frederick E. M.D.
Burleson, John F. M.D.
Burleson, Willard M. M.D. (photograph)
Butterfield, Roger W.
Byrne, Thomas
Campau, Antoine B.
Campau, Francis D.
Campbell, Major Edgar H.
Cantwell, Rev. Edward K.
Cardwell, John F., M.D.
Cargill, Charles C.
Carman, Charles Whitney
Carroll, Joseph A.
Caukin, Lavant Z.
Clapperton, George
Clark, Charles W.
Emily J. Clark (photograph only)
Clark, Melvin J. (photograph)
Clark, Capt. Jess W.
Clements, Carl A.
Cody, Lewis P.
Conger, Eugene D.
Cook, Frank J.
Covell, Brigadier-General Louis C.
Covode, John A.
Daane, Gilbert L.
Dale, William B.
Dalrymple, Ira B.
De Lisle, Alfred A.
Denison, Hon. Arthur C.
Dollaway, Willis G.
Donovan, Captain Lewis J.
Doornink, Rudolph
Downes, Michael J.
Droste, James C., M.D.
Dunham, H. Monroe
Dunham, John M.
Dunham, Hon. Major L. (photograph)
Edison, George M.
Edwards, William H.
Eldred, Riley
Eyke, Peter
Farnam, Reuben
Farnsworth, Alfred B.
Farr, Fred
Farr, J. D.
Farr, Ralph L.
Ferguson, Ward S., M.D.
Fisher, R. J.
Flanagan, Robert J.
Flynn, Barney J., Sr.
Foote, Charles P.
Foster, William Rice
Freeland, Allen M.
Freeland, Homer H.
Freyemuth, John W.
Friedrich, Hugo C. W.
Friedrich, Julius A. J.
Friedrich, M. Herman
Friedrich, Otto P. T.
Frost, John K.
Fuller, Rodolphus W., M.D.
Gallagher, Bishop Michael J.
Gansser, Captain Emil B.
Garfield, Charles William
Gervickas, Rev. John Adam
Giddings, J. Allen (photograph only)
Gleason, Clark H.
Goozen, W. W.
Gordon, Thomas Dewitt, M.D.
Gordon, William J.
Goul, Fred
Goul, John E.
Graham, Hon. Robert D. (photograph)
Grand Rapids Brush Company
Grand Rapids Fancy Furniture Company
Greeson, William A. (photograph)
Grinnell, Charles L.
Griswold, Joseph G.
Gronberg, John G.
Grube, Major Howard A.
Guest, Maynard A.
Hall, Ferdinand A.
Halloran, John M.
Hamilton, Harvey C.
Hamilton, R. T.
Hanna, George
Hanna, Samuel J.
Hart, Frederick
Hart, John M.
Hatch, Hon. Reuben
Hatten, C. Roy
Haze, Captain William
Hazeltine, Dr. Charles Storm
Heeringa, Jacob G.
Hefferan, George (photograph)
Hefferan, Thomas (photograph)
Hefferan, Thomas William
Helsel, Noah F.
Hemple, Gustaf A.
Herkner, Col. Joseph Carl
Herman, Louis T.
Heystek, Henry J.
Hicks, Albert S.
Hicks, Sylvester P.
Hill, Orton
Hill, Robert G.
Hilliker, Charles Finton
Hogadone, Charles E.
Holcomb, David Denman
Hollister, Clay Harvey
Holmes, Frank M.
Houghton, Frank L.
Houseman, Henry L.
Hufford, Solomon J.
Huggett, Martin C.
Hulswit, John A.
Hunter, Earl
Hunter, Edwin S.
Hunter, Vernor L.
Hutchinson, Joseph M.
Ingraham, Samuel C.
Ipe, Jacob F.
Ipe, Simon
Jacobs, Isaac T.
Jacobs, Walter C.
Jakeway, Charles E.
Jakeway, C. Kent
Jaqua, Claude N.
Jewell, Harry D.
Johnson, C. Evan
Johnson, John B.
Johnson, Paul
Johnson, Robert
Jones, B. D.
Jones, Jacob
Jones, William H.
Judd, Charles B. (photograph)
Kaminski, Rev. Joseph S. (photograph)
Keeney, Willard F.
Kelley, Fred
Kendall, David Wolcott
Keney, Thomas J.
Kennedy, James
Kinsey, David
Klingman, Gilbert
Knappen, Stuart E.
Koning, Martin
Konkle, Mrs. Cythia L. (Wells)
Koon, Chauncey E., M.D.
Korybalski, John
Kramer, William
Kusterer, Arthur E.
Kusterer, Christoph
Lass, Fred
Laughray, William R. (photograph)
Ledger, Fred C.
Leetsma, Peter
Leonard, Charles H. (photograph)
Leonard, Frank E. (photograph)
Leonard, Heman
Lewis, Jeremiah
Liverance, Frank E., Jr.
Loettgert, Frederick W.
Long, Frank B.
Look, Dexter G.
Lowe, Scott P.
Luce, Charles M.
Lyon, Maj. Farnham (photograph)
Mabie, Dell
Mabie, Nelson
Mackenzie, George F.
Malek, Ottokar (photograph)
Mangold, Edward C.
Mantle, George M.
Mapes, Hon. Carl E.
Marshall, Harry D.
Mathison, Frank H.
Maurits, Reuben, M.D.
Maxwell, Edgar G.
Maynard, Hon. Fred Augustus (photograph)
McAndrews, Michael
McCormick, Right Reverend John Newton
McCutcheon, Gilbert
McGee, Richard T.
McGinn, Rev. Oswald (photograph)
McKnight, William F.
McMahon, Frank J.
McPherson, Charles
Medes, George L.
Meeker, A. H.
Meengs, Jacob Earl, M.D.
Mehrtens, Charles H. (photograph)
Merren, Moses P.
Merriam, Rev. Charles W.
Merrick, Benjamin P.
Mishler, Joseph W.
Moore, Orlin D.
More, John E.
Morman, Samuel A. (photograph)
Moulton, Luther V.
Mowat, John
Mumah, Benjamin J.
Munro, David
Munshaw, Earl W.
Murray, Thomas
Neeland, James Hervey
Nelson, Harley W.
Nind, J. Newton
Norris, Mark
Olthouse, Harmon
Oltman, H. Fred
Oosta, John
Oswald, William
Otte, Edward F.
Otte, John (photograph)
Owen, George F.
Pantlind Hotel
Peck, John Edward (photograph)
Peck, Mrs. John E. Peck (photograph only)
Peck, Lewis T.
Peckham, H. Algernon
Peel, George
Pennel, John Wesley
Perkins, Hon. Willis Barnes
Phelps, Deb
Philbrick, Wallace C.
Phillips, John W.
Pierson, Edward
Pietrasik, Rev. Joseph S.
Plett, Ernest J.
Porritt, William
Porter, Benjamin C.
Powers, Frank C.
Powers, Frederick W.
Powers, John W.
Preisser, Rev. Jerome
Proctor, Ward W.
Proudfit, William S.
Rademaker, Henry J.
Ranck, Samuel Haverstick
Raniville, Felix (photograph)
Rauschenburger, Jacob H.
Raymond, Edward G.
Reice, J. C.
Rice, Cyrus Walker
Ringold, Henry J.
Ritzema (family)
Robinson, Miss Esther
Robinson, Fred S.
Robinson, Sherman M.
Rodgers, Truman
Rogelewski, Theodore B.
Roller, Louis A., M.D.
Ross, Clyde L.
Row, Frank G.
Rowe, William E., M.D.
Rumsey, George A.
Rumsey, James A. (photograph only)
Ryan, Edward
Samuels, James
Sayles, Merritt
Schouten, John H.
Scribner, David C.
Sellers, L. M.
Shank, Archer H.
Shaw, Arthur F.
Shellman, Abraham J.
Shields, Horace D.
Simpson, A. H.
Sinclair, Willis D.
Sinke, Captain James
Sipple, Henry
Sipples, William M.
Skinner, James A.
Skinner, Joseph LaVerne
Skory, Rev. Casimir
Slaght, Arthur T.
Sligh, Charles R.
Smith, Ansel Brooks, M.D.
Smith, Coridon E.
Smith, Richard R., M.D.
Smits, John
Snyder, Dillman, Jr.
Squier, Frank W. (photograph)
Stehower, Henry
Steketee, Jacob
Steketee, Paul
Steketee, Peter P.
Stevens, Sidney F.
Stewart, Earl R.
Stone, Frank A.
Stowe, Ernest A.
Sweat, William
Swift, Fred
Taggart, Moses
Tarte, Charles E.
Teeple, William E.
Thomas, Lyndsey P.
Thompson, Coy J.
Thompson, Myron
Thompson, Raymond
Thompson, George C.
Thorp, Augustin D.
Tisdel, Frank
Tomkins, Abner S.
Tompkins, Squire S.
Train, Jarvis C.
Travis, Philip H.
Troy, David W.
Uhl, Edwin F. (photograph)
Uhl, Marshall M.
Vanden Berg, Henry J., M.D.
Van Etten, Clarence J. (photograph)
Van Namee, Sidney M., Sr.
Van Noord, Robert
Veit, Frank A.
Verburg, Dennis J.
Verdier, Leonard D.
Verdier, Martin D'Ooge
Walker, Clifford H.
Walsh, Frank J.
Wanty, Hon. George Proctor
Ward, Charles E.
Warnhuis, Frederick Cook, M.D.
Waters, Dudley E.
Watkins, Hon. Roy M.
Watterson, William J.
Watts, William A.
Weaver, Wallace C.
Welsh, D. Emmett, M.D. (photograph)
Wenger, Aaron Verne, M.D.
Wesselius, Sybrant
White, Arthur S.
White, Rev. Francis S.
Whitfield, John
Whittenbach, Fred
Widdicomb, Ralph H.
Widdicomb, William
Wilbert, Gustav William (photograph)
Wilde, Charles Edward
Williams, Alden H., M.D.
Williams, Clarence A.
Williams, William M.
Wilmarth, Lewis Theodore (photograph)
Wilmarth, Oscar B.
Wilson, Charles M.
Wilson, Manuel
Winegar Furniture Company
Wingeier, Fred
Winters, William
Withey, John Henry
Withey, LeRoy G.
Wood, DeRoy A.
Works, Addison M. (photograph)
Wurzburg, Edmund W.
Wurzburg, Fredric A.
Yeiter, Joseph B.
Yeiter, Orlo J.


  *Includes Kent County and the counties immediately surrounding; namely Ottawa, Muskegon, Newaygo, Montcalm, Ionia, Barry and Allegan Counties. There is some extension beyond these counties into other areas of the Western Lower Peninsula.

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