What a fun day on the Silver Line in Winter!
My day was warm (overcast and higher than freezing). I was ready for an adventure. This is new for me and I needed to know.

The RAPID - Silver Line station. Photo credit - Sue Irvine

The RAPID – Silver Line station. Photo by Sue Irvine

I drove to 60th Street and Division Avenue, an easy exit at 68th Street then north Division a mile to 60th Street. A large sign on the NE corner said “the Rapid Parking”. Parking is Free. A bus was just leaving. I took pictures, but no sun today. Walked to the “big city looking” platform bus stop and read the signs. “Bus every 20 minutes or less; 5 a.m. until midnight; adult $1.75 or $0.85 for seniors” (65+). Prepay with cash or card. I opted for the $3.25 day pass. For the conference I’d a pick the week pass. I inserted my card and I was done. Just like at McDonald’s. Current price list will be found here: ridetherapid.org/tickets-fares

The Rapid. Across from Devos Place Convention Center, Monroe Ave. Photo by Sue Irvine

Then I waited; and soon came the next bus. Which door?
People entered both doors and sat down. As the bus started to move, an attendant walked thru the bus checking entry passes. He smiled and said thank-you. Whow! I was impressed. At each stop (54th Street, 44th Street, 36th Street, etc.) people got on or left. He’d check the new-bees and say thank-you. I liked this! From Wealthy Street we were in the free zone. He just stood and smiled. Now I really like this. The Silver Line makes a loop through downtown past the hospitals, Grand Rapids Main Library, Community College and on to DeVos Place where the NGS Family History conference will be held.

Monroe Ave. entrance to DeVos Place Convention Center

Monroe Ave. entrance to DeVos Place Convention Center. Photo by Sue Irvine

The voice on the bus told me I was at the DeVos Place stop so out I went. I walked left towards the entrance to the conference center stopping long enough to take a couple more pictures which were also grayish thanks to the cloudy (but not snowing) winter day. I was inside the building within half a block! Ride (about nine miles) was about 25 minutes. Not bad.

Leaving the conference? I had only to get back on the bus and continue the loop back to 60th Street. Slightly shorter would have been to cross the street. So Easy!!! For my next adventure I’m going to try the DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle). That one is totally free, but parking won’t be.

THE RAPID is the public transit system in metro Grand Rapids. More information about the Silver Line can be found at:  ridetherapid.org/howtoride/silver-line/

Main entrance interior – DeVos Place Convention Center. Photo by Sue Irvine

PS – I said fun day. I toured the DeVos Place taking pictures. Walked around downtown. Got back on the bus and off at Wealthy for a short walk down the hill to The City Market! Great food, lots of shops. Breads, cheeses, ice cream, eateries. Best was Tacos El Cunado. The very best tacos I have ever had! You’ve got to check it out – even if you drive there. Fun trip for family or date night! Awesome! – Sue Irvine