I have been wanting to visit Woodville, and Pemberville, Ohio for several years. My grandparents lived in the area for several years and my father was born in Woodville and attended school there. After accompanying my spouse to a convention in Sandusky, Ohio, I mentioned several times that these two towns were not very far off our path. Success! I was able to spend a few hours in the libraries of these two towns, plus another hour in the Woodville Historical Museum.

After spending some time in Pemberville, we then went to the Woodville Library which opened later in the morning. Texting my sister and a cousin to let them know where I was, my cousin replied that our grandfather had been mayor there at one time. My sister and I had never heard that story. Lo and behold, I found a list of mayors. And there he was: Professor C. C. Robinson, Mayor of Woodville, Ohio from 1924-1927. The woman in the museum was delighted to have a researcher and helped me find information on the Woodville Normal and Academy where my grandfather taught math and science, as well as “Sanitation and Hygiene.” I now have several pictures of him holding his flute with the Woodville Orchestra, as well as copies of some of the pages of a syllabus for the academy

Written by:  Ruth Waybrant


Professor C.C. Robinson playing his flute