We all wonder, from time to time, what will become of all our genealogical charts and stories and books and mementoes. What will happen to your stuff? The pictures, clothing, old log books, diaries, postcards, Will they be put to good use or let to rot in a landfill?
A recent “Cruisin’ the Stacks” column has information on how and where to donate your “stuff.” Sometimes you will receive extra benefits such as a tax deduction or help at the archive or place of donation. Susan Rabick listed several places where she has donated items from her family. She adds:
…I have been thinning my collection and have made donating routine. This protects many things from landing on the curb after I am dead. Often, our children, including mine, are disinterested at best in the amassed bits we tend to collect. Donating them assures their care and assists genealogists and historians in understanding our communities, businesses, and history. Selfishly, I am pleased to assure that parts of my family have become immortal.
For more information, check out “Cruisin’ the Stacks” in Michigana, volume 63, Issue 4: Your “stuff” — what will happen to it??”

Written by:  Ruth Waybrant