Traditions often enrich and strengthen family bonds and create fond memories. Whether they are stories, activities, or beliefs handed down from generation to generation, it’s important to preserve your family traditions for future generations. WMGS encourages you to write about one of your family’s traditions. They may occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, and revolve around military, holidays, or her special occasions. Some may be humorous or unusual.

Traditions may or may not be genealogical facts, but often provide important research clues. You may choose to describe how a Family Tradition assisted in your research, how you determined when and how the tradition began, or whether the tradition is based on true information or was created to teach or convince.

We would love to hear your story. Write it up and enter the 2018 writing contest!

WMGS has worked for over 60 years to educate researchers in evaluating and citing sources. Your story may inspire someone else to use new research techniques or discover a unique resource. The 2018 Writing Contest will recognize unpublished excellent genealogical writing by awarding substantial prizes. Prize winning entries will be published in Michigana. Like all submissions to Michigana, entries will be thoroughly edited before publication. Information about submitting any article to Michigana can also be found in the latest issue of Michigana, or at

Rules: Eligibility: All family historians and genealogists, except the Michigana Editor and judges, are invited to submit their favorite story for the contest. There is no entry fee and membership in WMGS is not required.

Deadline: Entries will be accepted between January 1 & March 15, 2018.

Length: Stories should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length. Please cite your sources by using end-notes, and attach copies of documentation when appropriate. Family group sheets and pedigree charts should be included if pertinent. Neither documentation nor charts will be included in the word count.

Formats: Email your entry in iPages, Microsoft Word, or as a PDF. ** IMPORTANT: Send photographs or graphics separately as 300 dpi tiff or jpeg files. Email your submission to or with “Michigana Contest 2018” written in the Subject Line.

Identification: Include the story title, your name, your mailing address, phone number, and approximate word count. This information will only be used to identify and notify the winners.

Notification: Contest winners will be announced at the May 2018 Membership Meeting and in the next available issue of Michigana. Winners do not have to be present to win. Prize winning articles will be published in future issues of Michigana. By submitting articles, authors are giving WMGS one time print and digital rights; copyright is retained by the author. Entries may not have been previously published. All prizes may not be awarded.

The prizes: 1st prize: $100 and 1 annual WMGS membership (total value – $120); 2nd prize: $75 and 1 annual WMGS membership (total value – $95); 3rd prize: $50; 4th prize: $25

Need help? The WMGS Writers Group meets the third Tuesday of the month and we would love to help you make your story the best that it can be. For information about location, time, and directions go to:

For further information or any questions about the Writing Contest, please contact the Michigana Editor at or
All entries due by March 15, 2018! Email to: or