The Two Feet of Haynes

Our research, on the recent bus trip to Allen County Public Library by WMGS, was planned to be a team effort between my wife and me. She would identify exactly what we need to look at, and I could fetch it and review. We would focus with accuracy at the exact sources we needed. Shortly after arrival and getting situated, I was handed the slip with what to get and this whispered assignment, “look up Haynes in 929.2.”

“What?” I said, “You need more than that for a catalog number.”

“No, just look through all of it and see what you can find.”

Off I go: grumble, grumble. I located the section quickly since I had taken the library tour for a refresher. There it was, two feet of shelf space of books for Haynes, Haines, Heynes, etc. Ugh. Make that two feet of ugh. I grabbed half a dozen books and went back to our table.

I went through that pile quite quickly since they had nothing on our man and turned them over to her to record, in our Roots Magic software, as material that had been checked. That’s important so I don’t have to repeat this on the next trip – or the next day since this is Wednesday. Ok, back to the stacks to get another half dozen books.

It was in that pile that I struck the gold. There was our, or more accurately, her Richard Haynes, and his children, and his parents, and siblings, and grandparents, and a whole lot of researched, documented history, court, and land records. Now I was the hero, if only for a minute. Another dead end moved further back into history.

And there’s still one foot of Haynes material to look over. Maybe next time.

By:  Mark Timmer