As promised in the first bus trip post, here are some personal thoughts from some of the Bus Trip attendees.

“The Microfilm reader room is the ACPL’s best kept secret”

“I found the PHD dissertation about the Dred Scott fall from grace”- Claudia Day

“I finally found the 1st husband of my 2nd great-grandmother. He was a bigamist. They had a child that died at 20 months old and she at some point in time was in an insane asylum in Kalamazoo. Never knew any of this. Have been looking for him for about 3 years” – Verna Hough

“I was discussing the frustration of a brick wall ancestor when the lady at the end of the table states she is related to that person. Upon talking we are 3rd cousins who have never met but had emailed each other many years ago.”- Lori Fox

“I’d like to know why Security was after Sue Irving?  She said it was because of one of us, but I am suspicious : ) ” – John Pierce

“Good Trip! Good friends and good times researching at the best library. One place where you can talk genealogy without everyone around you going to sleep!”

“Good friends and good times @ACPL. Didn’t find a whole lot, but had a great time.”

I found enough to prove great grandma was right! For once, her story was accurate with more than a grain of truth. Microfiche records of colonial Massachusetts to the rescue.” – Sue Irving

Michelle Timmer