Did you know that you can request a copy of a Michigan Death certificate from 1920 to at least  1938. I made my request on November 7 and received an image of the death certificate today (November 14.) Not bad!! Yes, this will work for any other database that doesn’t have images online.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to www.familysearch.org
  2. Click the Search button
  3. Search for the transcription of the death certificate. Record the Name, death date, death place, the parents and/or spouse names (if listed), the GS Film number, the Digital Folder Number and the Image Number.
  4. Click the Wiki button
  5. Click within the Search by place or topic box and a new window with a new search box will open.
  6. Type Photoduplication Services into the box and click on the Search button.
  7. The first result should be titled, “Photoduplication Services.” Click on this link.
  8. Read the rules then click on the green Photoduplication Request button.
  9. This will take you to a login page. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. If you have an account for indexing or ordering microfilm, use the login information for those accounts.
  10. Fill in your phone number and address
  11. Type the GS Film number into the Family History Library microfilm or microfiche number box.
  12. Type the words Digital Folder No. and the digital folder number you wrote down into the Item Number or Call Number box.
  13. Type the name of the deceased into the Name of Individual box.
  14. Type in the words Michigan Death Certificates 1921-1952 followed by the names of the parents and/or spouse into the Title of record or book and name of parents, spouse, grantor, grantee, author, and so on  box.
  15. Select death from the menu next to Event Type
  16. Enter the death date in the Enter entire event date (if applicable) box.
  17. Enter the death place (city, county, state) in the Enter entire event place box.
  18. Leave the Parish and volume number box empty.
  19. Type the words Image Number and the image number you wrote down into the Registration, page number, or item number box.
  20. Click the Submit Request button and you’re done!