I really enjoy genealogy. I mean REALLY. I know people who’ve been doing family research much longer than me. Most don’t get paid. We aren’t forced. Why is it people “work” for years on their family history if it isn’t fun?

What’s so fun about it? Genealogy is often compared to jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles are fun. As you discover how all those individual pieces fit together, you see your own personal story come together.

Traveling is fun. Whether you virtually visit places that you research (Google Earth) or travel to your ancestral homes to see exactly what they saw–it is great fun! You engage in a different and fun way when visiting places knowing that a specific ancestor lived and worked there in the past.

Surprises are fun. Genealogy has given me countless unexpected discoveries. Imagine my surprise when, in 2011, I learned where I work (a church) is the exact same address as where my biological grandparents who I never met were married in 1924!

Watching a budding genealogist make a connection and shout “A-ha! There they are!” is truly energizing and great fun for them and me.

Learning is fun. Count me in when opportunities come up to learn about new resources and methods to approach research-especially if it involves technology. More and more information comes on line every day. How fun is it to discover those snippets that had eluded you for so long?

Thomas MacEntee, the Genealogy Ninja is fun. He engages, energizes and entertains his audiences. Even if you are already having fun, be sure to register for this years’ Got Ancestors?! annual seminar Are You Having Fun Yet?!  Come and hear Thomas on Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12. The cost is $59 per person if registered before September 22. You won’t be disappointed and you’re sure to learn more. It’ll be fun for me to see you there!

Seminar details and registration options and instructions found here: www.gotancestors.com.