I haven’t been a subscriber to Ancestry.com for about two years. At the time, I had noticed a lot more free information on the Internet surfacing and I had depended primarily on Ancestry.com as my source for a long time.

After a few weeks, I was amazed how infrequently I felt I needed Ancestry.com in the particular research I was undertaking. I became better at using some of my other favorite sites… WMGS.org, New England Ancestors (member access), Google, Seeking Michigan, Heritage Quest, FamilySearch,  Find-a-Grave, and the GenWeb. In doing this, I also realized quite quickly that Ancestry.com didn’t have everything – which is an easy assumption to make since their collection is so large. Admittedly, there were a few times that I did need to check some things out on Ancestry.com while at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

This isn’t a criticism of Ancestry.com by any means. I know at some point I will resubscribe when my research path dictates the need. Maybe that time is sooner than later…

Today I realized that I may have been missing some things. For instance, I didn’t realize the scope of the Ancestry.com Michigan Collection. I can’t recall exactly how many exclusive Michigan sources and databases they had two years ago, but I was seriously impressed with the number they have right now. Four hundred-five and presumably still growing.

Click here for the listing of Michigan Genealogy and Family history Resources at Ancestry.  This link is for the printer friendly list – at least six printed pages anyway. I don’t have room in the blog to write them all out!