Thanks to Dan V. from Grand Rapids for passing on this item. He writes:

Today, while biking out to Spring Lake on Leonard Road I stopped at the newer Ottawa County Eastmanville Park at the site of the old Poor Farm and talked with the Parks Supervisor, Anne Engvall.  Anne told me about the historic cemetery on the property and a Dedication that is planned for July 10, 10am.  I had not read about this in the WMGS newsletter so I got some more information.

There is a cemetery with 4 markers, and about 60 bodies based on testing of the soil (some test that compares density).  The Friends of the Ottawa County Parks Cemetery Committee has researched the Poor Farm records in an effort to obtain the names of most/all of the interred in the cemetery.  The area has been cleaned up and a fence erected with a plaque installed on a large stone with names of the individuals presumed to be buried at the site.

Anne (638-6542) was very helpful and excited that someone rode by with an interest in their project.  Anne gave me the names and phone numbers of two persons from the Friends Committee who may be contacted for more information.  Marjie Viveen (846-6626) is the Chair of the Friends Committee, and Jan Sluka (842-6291) is the primary researcher.

Anne also gave me an announcement card, which reads:

You are cordially invited:
Poor Farm Cemetery Dedication
At Eastmanville Farm, 7851 Leonard,
Just west of Eastmanville
10:00AM, Saturday, July 10,2010
Please join us in the barn for the dedication ceremony. Refreshments will be provided. After the ceremony all are invited to walk out to the cemetery for the ribbon cutting. Transportation will be provided for those unable to make the hike.

– Sponsored by the Friends of Ottawa County Parks Cemetery Committee.