Shortly after the U.S. entry into World War I, the Daughters of the American Revolution in Michigan established a Homes Ties and War Records Committee. The purpose of this group was to preserve materials documenting the contributions that men from this state made overseas in defense of liberty. The chairwoman of the Committee, Mrs. Mable Colgrove Stebbins, suggested that her own D.A.R. chapter honor the soldiers from Barry County by preparing a permanent record of their personal and military histories. These data were kept in files and supplemented until around 1921, when the collections assembled by all counties were bound and distributed. One set of records was sent to Lansing for safekeeping, and the other kept at the local level. The volumes in this collection are the comprehensive series that was deposited with the state.

The WWI Veterans Census records are recorded on printed forms and contain the following information: name of veteran; serial number; address; place and date of birth; nationality; color; occupation before and after the war; marriage date; wife’s name; birth place and date; names of children and their birth date; rank, company, and regiment; transfers and promotions; battles engaged in; discharge date and reason; and additional information.
More information and samples can be found at:  http://data.wmgs.org/WWOneVeteransCensus/.

Use the index to find your relative. If you live near the Grand Rapids Public Library or plan a visit, you can obtain a copy directly yourself. Or for a $5.00 fee, you can order from the online database and receive the a copy of both sides of a record.