I’m a slow learner sometimes. It just became clear to me that most of the 1928 and 1929 death records for the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan are available online – and have been for a fairly long time!

In March 2009, SeekingMichigan.org introduced the Death Records database of almost a million images of the actual records for years 1897 to 1920. The site is very popular with family history nuts like me and ever since Kris Rzepczynski from the Library of Michigan came and spoke about the project at one of our WMGS monthly meetings last spring, I’ve been a devoted Seeker at the website.

I remember noticing that death records for years other than 1897-1920 appeared sometimes in my search results and thought it odd. But I figured with a project that massive in scope, a few bonus records were inadvertently included in the project. As it turns out, it seems that nearly all deaths that occurred in Grand Rapids, from about mid-April 1928 through early November 1929 are here. Totaling 2,747 records, it is a great collection of Grand Rapids death records.

What’s really interesting is the fact that there is only ONE death certificate in a search for 1928 and 1929 that is NOT a Grand Rapids record! Sieger BALLAST, who died 6 November 1929 in “Essex Township, Clinton County” is the one exception. But then I look at his actual certificate and even that is in Grand Rapids. It’s just indexed incorrectly as a Clinton County record. I’ll need to shoot a note to the folks at SeekingMichigan.org to please correct that.

The total is now 2,748 Grand Rapids Death Records online for April 1928- November 1929.