Don’t forget our last meeting of the year coming up on this Saturday, the 5th at 1:30pm, in the Ryerson Auditorium at the Grand Rapids Public Library. Parking is free on Saturdays. The Sales Table Committee is stocking up on extra goodies to handle the demand! There’s a discount coupon available at and in your newsletter for 20% off your entire purchase! (10% off for non- members).

We’ll be recognizing our six 2009 WMGS award winners:

“Ken Gackler AWARD of MERIT”
Applause to Sue Irvine!
Our highest award, the Ken Gackler Award of Merit recognizes exceptional contributions of a WMGS member who significantly aided research or increased interest in genealogy over a period of years.

Way to go Marvel De Bois!
Presented to a non-Board Member who has shown extraordinary dedication, enthusiasm and energy in the pursuit of Family History.

“Shirley M. De Boer EDUCATION AWARD”
Good Going Shirley De Boer!
Given to a WMGS member who has provided outstanding service to the Society or the public in the areas of teaching, mentoring and encouraging quality genealogical research.

Kudos to Bobbi Schirado!
Awarded to a member who has shown excellence in promoting family history in one or more medias; the internet, print, lecture, video, podcast, etc.

Hear-Hear for Roger Moffat!
This award is given to a Current Board Member who has displayed outstanding leadership and involvement in the organization. This (Key Man or Woman) award is chosen by the President.

Congratulations to Judy Hardy of Stanton!
Area Genealogical Organization (AGO) is an outreach initiative to our larger genealogical and family history community. This award is presented to an organization or individual that is NOT a member of WMGS. It is designed to honor and recognize support, advancement, research, or service to the study or promotion of family history.

Last and probably least, Roger Moffat and I will be performing a duet entitled: “Taking the Eek out of Geek (and you’re left with ‘G – it isn’t that hard after all’)”

We’ll endeavor to show you how to access and use some of the newer technologies to publish your data, find data, and demonstrate methods to find living relatives you haven’t met yet. This will include a demonstration of the WMGS Online Trees, and an Extreme Speed Research case study of a family from West Michigan to The Netherlands, how to create your own blog, how to read a blog by RSS feed, how to listen to a Podcast, and what you can find at Roots TV.

We hope to see you on Saturday!