Be a part of genealogical history on November 7, 2009.
See and talk to “The Genealogy Guys!”

You can if you are in the crowd on that day. You will be a participant in the recording of a live “Genealogy Guys” podcast, which will later be placed online and available worldwide. You can even ask the “Guys” questions.

George G. Morgan & Drew Smith (the real names of the real “Guys”) are the oldest continual genealogical podcast, with over 184 archived podcasts you can download and listen too–or just listen without downloading.

Don’t know anything about the Genealogy Guys–or how to find them online? Go to their address and find out.

In addition to recording a future podcast “The Genealogy Guys” will be the featured presenters at Western Michigan Genealogical Societies “Got Ancestors?!” To be held at the Prince Conference Center at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On Saturday there will be a series of three concurrent (six different topics) sessions hosted by the “Guys.”
You can get a schedule of sessions and their descriptions and/or register and pay online at Or have your questions answered at (e-mail)

Hurry to register and pay before October 15th. The price is higher thereafter.     Posted by Graham Hollis