Relationship Chart

                         Richard GRIFFIN
                         b. 22 Jun 1732
                         at Nine Partners,
                         d. 8 Oct 1795
                         at Grimsby, Lincoln
                         m. 1757
                         at Nine Partners, NY
                         +Mary SMITH
                         b. circa 1734
                         at probably, CT
                         d. after 1780
                         at Ontario

 Smith GRIFFIN               Siblings    Miriam GRIFFIN
 b. 9 Aug 1772                           b. 15 Apr 1765
 at Nine Partners, NY                    at Coeymans Township, NY
 d. 28 Sep 1849                          d. 17 Mar 1856
 at Brantford, Brant Co, ONT             at Grimsby, Lincoln Co, ONT
 m. 1799                                 m. 17 May 1793
 at Grimsby, Lincoln Co, ONT             at Smithville, Lincoln Co, ONT
 +Eleanor CULVER                         +Charles MEREDITH
 b. 15 Jul 1780                          b. circa 1761
 at Louth, Lincoln Co, ONT               at probably, PA
 d. 1812                                 d. 1816
 at Smithville, Lincoln Co, ONT          at Grimsby, Lincoln Co, ONT

Henry GRIFFIN               1st         William MEREDITH
 b. 30 Dec 1807                          b. circa 1805
 at Smithville, Lincoln Co, ONT          at Grimsby, Lincoln Co, ONT
 d. 16 Jul 1891                          d. circa 1891
 at Grand Haven, Ottawa Co, MI           at probably, Austin, Sanilac Co, MI
                                         m. circa 1833
                                         at Ontario
                                         +Mary CUTLER
                                         b. circa 1812

                             2nd         Cyrus MEREDITH
                                         b. 20 Jun 1836
                                         at probably, Garafraxa, Wellington Co, ONT
                                         d. 10 Apr 1909
                                         at Thompsonville, MI
                                         m. circa 1856
                                         at Ontario
                                         +Sarah Lorena LOUNSBURY
                                         b. 22 Jul 1839
                                         at Ontario
                                         d. 3 Nov 1912
                                         at Lansing Township, MI

                             3rd         Charles Wesley MEREDITH
                                         b. May 1859
                                         at probably, Woodstock, ONT
                                         d. 1940
                                         at Lansing, Ingham Co, MI
                                         m. 14 Sep 1880
                                         at Greenleaf Twp, Sanilac Co, MI
                                         +Sarah Maria HARRISON
                                         b. 29 May 1866
                                         at Kinderhook, Branch Co, MI
                                         d. 9 May 1921
                                         at Charlevoix, MI

                             4th         Ada Belle MEREDITH
                                         b. 9 Aug 1881
                                         at Cass City, Tuscola Co, MI
                                         d. 9 May 1974
                                         at Roscommon, MI
                                         m. 31 Jan 1899
                                         at Thompsonville, Benzie Co, MI
                                         +William Cullen BRYANT
                                         b. 6 Nov 1863
                                         at Benton Harbor, MI
                                         d. 9 Jul 1944
                                         at Fremont, Newaygo Co, MI

                             5th         Harry F BRYANT
                                         b. 9 Jun 1899
                                         at Thompsonville, MI
                                         d. 6 Dec 1978
                                         at Batavia, Clermont Co, OH
                                         m. 14 May 1924
                                         at Grand Rapids, MI
                                         +Marie Eugelia TOWNSEND
                                         b. 8 Jan 1899
                                         at Grand Rapids, MI
                                         d. 24 Nov 1990
                                         at Lansing, MI

                             6th         Thomas A. BRYANT

                             7th         Donald BRYANT

             Henry GRIFFIN is the 1st cousin 6 times removed of Donald BRYANT