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Before Grand Rapids car dealerships relocated to today’s sprawling lots on suburban streets, early automobile dealers operated in more confined urban spaces near downtown and in city neighborhoods. Tom Wilson will track their movement as the car business expanded, first into neighborhoods like Eastown and Cheshire Village. They sold familiar cars like Plymouth, Pontiac and […]

At its peak in the mid-1950s, downtown Grand Rapids boasted over one-million square feet of retail space, making it Michigan’s second largest shopping destination. This presentation will take a closer look at some of the home-grown icons including Herpolsheimer’s, Steketee’s and Wurzburg’s, as well as other beloved downtown businesses. Generations made the trek downtown for […]

Latinos have a long and vibrant history in West Michigan. Local sources tell us that, although their numbers were small, some of these migrants and immigrants date back to the 1920s. Evidence shows that by the 1940s they formed a very tight-knit community.  Through consulting oral histories and reading a variety of primary source text […]

Kindergarten has a history? Revolutionary German methods for teaching young children were adopted in Grand Rapids when members of the Ladies Literary Club founded a Kindergarten Training School in 1894. The Froebel Foundation’s Scott Bultman will use his vast collection of photographs and documents to report on how LLC women lured the country’s best teacher […]

Those of us who have attended a GRPL Lock-In know that it’s a great way to get help with your research, use Ancestry.com, learn new research strategies, enjoy some tasty treats and socialize with others who share our passion for research. Now I can also say it’s a place to meet family and people who […]

Archives of Michigan welcomes family heritage collection from Library of Michigan The Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources have agreed to move selected Family Heritage Collections currently housed in the Library of Michigan to the reading room of the Archives of Michigan. The move will continue the state’s stewardship of […]

We received notice that the MCIR Board’s final recommendation adopted June 25th has been acknowledged by Governor Granholm’s office. That June 25th document appears to have been posted yesterday or over the weekend.   A press release dated July 19th was posted on the Governor’s website. Some have commented this is good news. Not to rain […]

The next MCIR Board meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2010, from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m at the Archives Reading Room, 2nd floor, Michigan Library and Historical Center in Lansing. This is the board that the Governor of Michigan appointed to provide recommendations for the future of the Library of Michigan and the collections […]

Congratulations to Randy Riley, Special Collections Manager at the Library of Michigan on his receiving the Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Salt Lake City last Friday. Here is the list of previous winners of the Filby Award: 2009: No nominees met the qualifications for the Filby Award in 2009. 2008: […]

Our Continued Struggle We’ve rounded the first bend – but there’s still a long way to go….. Senate Concurrent Resolution 18 and Senate Bills 503-527 all passed the Senate committee and also passed on the Senate Floor. Now it’s time to enlighten the House. There are two avenues of thought about SCR18 making it through […]