This article was posted recently on the City of Grand Rapids website –

Find Burial Records Online

“If you are searching for loved ones who are buried at any of the City’s six cemeteries (Fairplains, Fulton, Greenwood, Oakgrove, Oakhill, or Woodlawn) you can now find information online 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Simply go to the website* to search by name. Information such as the date of birth, age, burial location, gender, place of death, date of death, spouse’s name, mother’s name, and father’s name (if available) can all be found with the click of a button. This new web page is a great resource for families of loved ones and genealogists.”

*UPDATE (April 2018): The city of Grand Rapids has a new website and the address to the Cemetery page has changed. It is here now!

Good news for those with Grand Rapids connections!