I received an email earlier this month from Clint Abbott in Caledonia. His ancestor, William Abbott lived in the Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada area. He raised his family there in the early 1800’s (1820-1840). Some of them stayed (one named Esther Abbott married Oliver deLaurier) and some moved on, mostly to Michigan (West Michigan – Muskegon and Moorland Township areas).

Aaron Abbott (son of William Abbott) remained with his family in West Michigan. His brother Dave Abbott moved his family to Crowley, Louisiana.

This coming June, 18-20, a family reunion will be meeting at Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada to share family history. It will be the first time since the early 1800’s that William Abbott’s descendants will return to that location.

More information on this event was sent to me this past week.

Descendants of William Abbott, Point Pelee, Ontario Canada (circa 1800-1860) will host a reunion for those so related this summer, 2010.

The date June 18-20 (Event/Place)

Friday June 18, Informal Gathering, 7 p.m. , Comfort Inn, 279 Erie St, Leamington, Ontario, Canada (ask for Abbott Gathering)

Saturday, June 19, Family gathering at Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada, 11 a.m. Park Entrance & Esther Abbott deLaurier Cabin

Saturday, June 19, Family dinner, 7 p.m. / Location TBA later.. you must register for this.

Registration for our Abbott Gathering can be made by contacting Joan Abbott. Email : joan.abbott@law.lsu.edu or phone: 225-266-5444